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RiskEasy® - ISO 31000


RiskEasy® is based on a simple proven approach to risk reduction, supporting ISO 31000 and other International standards.  A brochure is available at the top of this page.

It supports qualitative risk assessments and provides the ability to record and report by risk category, asset/area at risk, location, department, division, risk assessor, risk owner, risk contact, action owner, action type and responsible party. A higher level of analysis is available using risk type, asset type, risk group and division group. A risk may be associated with an industry standard, law or regulation and an action may be associated with an implementation method.

RiskEasy® provides alerts for risk review due and overdue, and mitigation actions due and overdue, reminding risk and action owners.  It provides reports and statistics on risks, actions, costs and benefits.  There are many ways to slice and dice the information to produce snapshot reports of top risks, to monitor action progress and to audit the effectiveness of the system itself.

Flexibility and Adaptability

You will be able to tailor your system to your specific requirements.  The organizational structure may be altered to suit your business. For example, Division may be renamed as Branch, Campus or Client, Consequence may be renamed as Impact, and Likelihood may be renamed as Probability.

The risk matrix may be selected from 3x3 to 9x9 but 5x5 is the most common.

Any number of risk categories may be setup, and any number of risks may be entered against any category, asset, department, division, etc. An estimate of the likelihood and consequence is assigned to each risk and the risk rating is derived by the system. Any number of actions (controls or treatments) may be applied to any risk, whereby the action may reduce the likelihood or the consequence, thereby reducing the risk rating to an acceptable level.


Conduct cost-benefit at the action level, the risk level or across the whole portfolio of risks.

Charts and Reports

Risk reports allow risks to be selected and filtered by category, asset, department, division, etc. An Executive Risk Summary Report cuts right across the risk system to report the highest residual risks giving a quick snapshot for senior executives.

RiskEasy® monitors itself with aggregated data relating to risk categories and treatments, the number of risks relating to each category, active risks, high risks, critical risks, risk reviews due and overdue, actions due and overdue, actions in progress and completed, risk and action contacts and owners.

RiskEasy® for is available as single-user system on a Windows 7 PC or multi-user web browser system installed on your workgroup or enterprise server.  You can start with a small system and upgrade at any time merely by purchasing extra user licences.

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