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Cyber Security

Framework using Incom Cyber Security

First of all, for governance reasons you will need a Cyber Security Policy, Strategy, and assign Roles and Responsibilities, and then you will need to know what to do to defend against cyber-attacks.

Employ Incom Cyber Security to get all the guidance and tools you will need right there on your desktop.

Gap Analysis using Incom Assurance Manager

Starting out you will think you will never get to where you want to be, but Incom has a proven system for determining the current state of security, and that system helps you decide where you want to be – secure from cyber-attacks.

The Gap Analysis is done using the Incom Assurance Manager and helps you find risks to your network and systems so that they can be managed with the Incom Risk Manager.

Incom Assurance Manager has all the categories of the NIST Cyber Security Framework already loaded, waiting for your security experts to assess and attest.

As well as NIST categories, Incom has PCI and ISO 27001 categories that may be used. 

Risks and Treatments using Incom Risk Manager 

Managing cyber security risks is similar to other operational risks, but because the system reference data and technical detail is low-level, Incom does not recommend managing cyber security risks in your corporate risk management system.

Therefore, Incom recommends a dedicated Security Risk Manager system already loaded with NIST, PCI and ISO 27001 categories. 

The Incom Risk Manager is a powerful, flexible and mature risk management system. 


The Incom Cyber Security framework and tools are high-level management tools including guidelines, risk assessment and risk management software that are used to manage what needs to be done, who does it, when it has to be done, and for reporting at the project level and to senior management and the Board.

The Incom Cyber Security framework and tools are not vulnerability or penetration testing tools or any other security breach detection tools.  However, it is expected that a security professional using the Incom framework and tools will reference or document the use of other tools extensively as controls or treatments within their mitigation plans.