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We focus on building customer relationships to ensure we provide you with the optimal system for your particular business needs.  Incom's product portfolio includes management systems for risks, incidents and issues.  Our systems will help you improve your business management and realise financial benefits.

To demonstrate our products in practice, please read our customer case studies and testimonials.

Risk Management Software

RiskEasy® for Projects or Workgroups is the most powerful, cost-effective and easy to use risk management system - suited to small projects and workgroups, or risk management consultants.  It is a 5-user web-browser system installed on your server, and uses the same underlying software as the Enterprise Risk Manager.  ... more ...


As easy as ABC

Other tools to make your risk management as easy as possible are:


Other Software and Services

Risk Templates

are predefined lists of potential risks. Ideally, they are imported at system setup time, but may be added later as different areas of risk are included in the database.  Risk Templates are supplied to customers who have purchased software from Incom. 

... more ...

Software upgrades

Software warranty is for 12 months. Upgrades during the first 90 days are free and thereafter covered by a Software Maintenance Agreement.

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