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February 4, 2013

Incom launches web-browser enabled RiskEasy internationally

Incom has been supplying project and enterprise risk management system to international clients since 2003, and introduced the World's first fully web browser enabled SQL Server system in 2004.

The web-browser system replaced the Microsoft Access (MSA) RiskEasy system which could be installed on a PC by non-technical people, and it was discontinued in 2007.

Since then, many people have asked us to produce a small web browser enabled SQL Server system that they can install on a Microsoft Windows 7 PC ... and we have now done just that!

Furthermore, it is the very same system as the full Enterprise Risk Manager (ERM) but with advanced enterprise functionality switched off. This means if you later want to deploy the system to a wider user-group, all you need do is ask you IT support people to re-install the software on a shared server, and purchase the extra licenses from us. You then run the same software as a project or enterprise risk register.

If you want to start immediately with a complete suite of risk, incident and issue management software, visit Incom at

Incom can help you move quickly from single-user spreadsheet risk management, to multi-user web-enabled database driven enterprise risk management in the shortest time and lowest cost by using powerful tools that are simple to install, configure, learn and use.

Global News

Below are links to information about incidents and disasters that have happened. Proactive risk management is about avoiding these types of events. When considering the cost of risk management software, compare that small cost with the cost of these events.

FAA takes risks with shoddy oversight

Government negligent in Utah mine collapse

Southwest Airlines in the USA flew when unsafe

Stolen laptop contains personal information of patients