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Demo request for RiskEasy®

To help you discover the benefits our products can bring to your business, we offer you an obligation and risk free opportunity to evaluate the software.  Experience has shown that it is best to take a quick look at the software via a PowerPoint 'demo', then if the software meets your requirements request a login to a live demonstration system.

RiskEasy® may either be a single-user system on a Windows 7 PC, or a multi-user system on your workgroup or corporate server. It is accessed via Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari web browsers and all data is stored on a Microsoft SQL Server database. It can normally be installed in less than 30 minutes. If you don't want to get the whole company involved, you can start small and still go enterprise-wide later. This system is very easy to use because if you can browse the Web, and understand risk management, you can use this system