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Offer to Consultants

Managing Risk Assessments and Action Plans for clients just got easier!

At Incom, we are always trying to find new ways we can help you in your consulting business:

  1. By getting more new business, and repeat business from existing clients
  2. By producing more informative and comprehensive risk reports and dashboards
  3. By expanding the scope of risk types with which your clients may want assistance

Incom is able to assist you in the following ways:

  • Provide login access to your own cloud-based risk management system
  • A system that allows you to provide risk and action plans to many clients
  • Your clients will be able to view, report and edit under permissions that you allow
  • Powerful reports and charts that inform and impress your clients

This is a special risk management system and service focused on supporting risk consultants.  As far as we know, this is the only such system available in the world today.

Contact Incom today to discuss this special offer.